Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is LIMBCLUB?
LIMBCLUB is an E-commerce website. LIMBCLUB provides you original branded products at a reasonable
price. It is a retail website which delivers at your doorstep.

2. Do i need to sign up before placing an order?
-Yes, you do. It is for our personal purposes and without it you cannot place an order.It requires simple information such
as e-mail, phone number,etc.

3.How to sing up?
-Go to our website, click my account then fill up the given information such as your
e-mail, phone number, password,etc.Lastly click submit and your account is created.

4.How to log in?
-Go to our website, click my account and log in via giving your e-mail and the password which you
have created.

5.What to do if you want to give a new email?
-If you are already logged in then go to the edit option and enter your new e-mail.

6.How to change your password if you have lost or forgotten it?
-Enter your e-mail address and enter the forgot password option and we will send a verification code to your e-mail. Then enter the verification code and enter your new password.

7.How to purchase/place an order?
-First log in if you already have an account, then click on the product of your choice and click add to cart. after that click the bag icon on the top
right and click checkout. Lastly fill up the billing details and click place order and then you will receive an e-mail and we will give you a confirmation call to confirm your order.

8.Are your information safe?
-Yes, they are. We provide strict privacy policy fo our customers privacy. We respect your privacy.

9.Can you buy in bulks as we are whole selling?
-Yes, you sure can. We are a whole selling/retailing E-commerce website. To do so you can contact us on our customer care number which is provide and you are suggested to give us an email to our

10.What payment options do you provide?
-For now we are only providing cash on delivery.Digital payment system will be available soon.